“LA Made: The Barbie Tapes”

Produced by Minju Park

“California Love: K-Pop Dreaming”

Produced by Minju Park and James Chow
Senior produced by Fiona Ng

“The Big Disaster: The Big Burn”

Produced by Minju Park
Senior produced by Natalie Chudnovsky and Anjuli Sastry-Krbechek
This show features never-before-heard archival tapes of interviews with Barbie’s creators and tracks the making of a doll into a cultural icon. Hosted by M.G. Lord, author of “Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll.”


This show follows the history and rise of K-Pop music in the U.S. through the perspective of the Korean diaspora in Los Angeles. Part pop culture analysis and musical history, blended with host Vivian Yoon’s coming-of-age memoir as a second generation immigrant coming to terms with her identity.

Winner — Topical Reporting: Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Identity for The Online Journalism Awards


This show is a wildfire survival guide in a new age of extreme megafires. It’s a deep dive into a blend of personal stories, scientific research and historical analysis on how we got into a wildfire problem, why fires keep getting worse and what we can do to survive as the world around us burns.

Winner — Best Radio Podcast Feature Reporting for Golden Mike Awards: RTNA of Southern California

Finalist — Best Production and Sound Design for The Ambies: Awards for Excellence in Audio

Finalist — Top Sustainability & Environment Podcasts for The Webby Awards

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