“1,800 Days: The Story of Early Childhood in the U.S.”
Produced by Minju Park
Senior produced by Andrew Gill

“Library for the People”

Produced by Minju Park and Shane McKeon
Senior produced by Andrew Gill

This show is a collaboration with Erikson Institute, a premier graduate school in childhood development in Chicago. It chronicles the last 60 years in the field of early childhood in America, which created a patchwork system of programs and policies. These shortcomings have been highlighted by the pandemic. Hosted by WBEZ’s Natalie Moore.


This show is a collaboration with Chicago Public Library in celebration of the the library system’s 150-year anniversary. The series chronicles the history of the library through the words of librarians, patrons and authors, exploring the story of an institution heralded as a leader in free speech and public access to information. Hosted by WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy.

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